Hi I’m Alice. I have been a member of the Matamata Rotary club for 2 years. 
I was first introduced to Rotary when I was at Matamata College by my Grandad when I got the amazing experience to head overseas as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. I was selected to travel to Belgium for a year. It really was life changing. Being an exchange student showed me a different side of how people live and I believe it prepared me in the best way possible when heading in to university. 
More recently I was also chosen to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) – This was a week-long course which gave me new tools to take into my professional career. It pushed me to the outside of my comfort zone but I would do it again in a heartbeat! 
These experiences through Rotary showed me everything I needed to know about Rotary. Rotary is an organisation where people can come together to change the world (or smaller scale too!). I love being a Rotarian and try to encourage as many people as I can to join too If you’ve ever wondered about Rotary, come along and see what it is all about.