Posted by Robbie Pearson on Nov 10, 2019
 I joined Rotary in the early 1980s. In those days our regular committee meetings (which are held after a Rotary meeting, usually at a Rotarians home) where called “Fireside meetings”. One of the highlights for Gail and I as hosts is suppertime when we get to relax and chat after business has been attended to. On occasions we would serve Lamingtons, some of which were actually sponge rubber!! It was very interesting watching the initial reaction as Rotarians tucked in, then peals of laughter as some got real Lamingtons. One member politely put his bite into a napkin and then into his pocket! The late Don Stanley was recalling this with some of us not so long ago.
For me the heart of Rotary is our local working bees and projects. These are always great fun. The first one I recall doing was laying foundations for the Intermediate School swimming pool. Bending up reinforcing steel and tying it together. Another was the Skate Park which the late Les Greenwell led with such passion. Since then I have always tried to participate. That’s the great thing about Rotary, you can participate in areas that interest you. 
I certainly believe in the Rotary Youth Exchange concept. Youth are our future. For their part, they bring vibrancy to Rotary and we members obviously assist them towards maturity in the opportunities given to them.
Rotary has enriched my life. I am a quiet person. My fellow Rotarians have stood by me - particularly so, after our business went into voluntary receivership and club members were so encouraging when I took on the role of President.