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April is Maternal and Child Health Month
Apr. 01, 2024
May is Youth Service Month
May 01, 2024
June is Rotary Fellowships Month
Jun. 01, 2024
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Apologies and      Bookings             
To book dinner guests in or make an apology please call 083299789 before 9am Tuesday


 Members              Announcements   
A few things coming up to keep in mind:
  • Please, please remember to put your apologies in before 9am on a Rotary day, this includes non diners please. We are still having trouble with a lot of members not apologising and just not showing up. 
  • Maz has put forward two applicants from the club for RYLA
  • Good Sorts - Creating Hope in The World - David Hulme named Jane Belton and Maz McIvor for helping Lisette Hulme pack over 200 Days for Girls Kits, ready to be distributed. Great work!
  • From President Jane
  •  Dear Members: Situations Vacant:
  • Rotary Club of Matamata Incorporated  has a Club Bylaw obligation to appoint two new Trustees by June 30th 2024. To the Rotary Club of Matamata Charitable Trust.
    These two positions have now been filled thanks to Brian Hunter and Dave Johnson offering their services.
  •  A big shout out reminder that it is our District 9930 Conference 17th -19th May this year.... right on our doorstep in Cambridge, so let's see if we can all go along and reap the benefits of a fantastic conference. You will all have received an email from our District Governor Bill Robinson outlining the details of the conference, so get your early-bird registration in now. Please get in touch with David Hulme if you are interested in going - even if you haven't decided for sure as yet, as he is trying to gage numbers.
  • Just a reminder for the Hobbiton Hafling Marathon on 23rd March which we be helping with.
  • Please see below a "heads up" for an event coming soon. More info to come. 
  •  Michelle Tanner is looking for interest to do a possible trip to Brisbane to our sister club Ballina on Richmond. Just trying to gauge interest at this time, so if you think you might be interested, please let Michelle know.        
  • Just a note for everyone,  if you are listed on reception duty, please try and arrive early to help with setting up the table and signs etc. 
  • Please, please remember to put your apologies in before 9am on a Rotary day, this includes non diners please.
  • Please remember that you must ring the club answer phone and apologize or advise of extra guests before 9am on any meeting date. Please stipulate the date you are apologizing for to avoid any confusion.  
The lucky person to try and guess the Mystery Rotarian last week was Sue Whiting. 
Clues for the mystery Rotarian, were as follows –
  1.  I was born under the shadow of a mountain.
  2. The horticulture industry has been a big part of my life
  3.  I had 82 first cousins
Sue thought long and hard about this and after utilizing her powers of deduction, she named Job Bruins. Unfortunately she was wrong. The real mystery Rotarian was Beth Taylor. Born under the shadow of Mount Taranaki, Beth and her husband grew flowers commercially and her mother was one of 11 children and her father was one of 9 children, so lots of cousins.  
The lucky person to try and guess the Mystery Rotarian next week is Kevin Sing. 
Clues for the mystery Rotarian, are as follows –
1/ I once ironed a shirt with my feet
2/ My first car was rather wobbly
3/ I used to dream about becoming a body builder by using a piece of rope
Good luck with these clues Kevin. Sounds pretty tricky to me. 
Parting Thought       
1) Apparently replying to a wedding invitation with "Maybe next time" is not the correct response 
2) Think old and you will be old, Think young and you will be a delusional old fart.
Thanks Merv King- got a great giggle  😊
Hi everyone.
Following on from our Spud in a Bucket, Robert Stuart read out a card from his grandson, Ardie O'Reilly who was our youngest grower 
It's little things like this, that make it all worthwhile. 
Rotary Foundation - some more food for thought on the subject of Global Grants. Makes for interesting reading.
2022-23 Global Grants by Areas of Focus 
Our speaker for this evening and giving his member profile, was Gary Lewis. 
Gary was born in 1948 in Auckland and he was the eldest of three children. He was brought up in Papatoetoe and spent many weekends and holidays at his parents batch at Big Bay doing lots of fishing and generally having a great time. 
When he left school, Gary became an apprentice tool maker at Reid Rubber and worked in his fathers engineering business after hours. 
From a young age, Gary developed a love of cars and car racing, racing as a teenager in the Benson &Hedges 500 at Pukekohe raceway. 
Gary is married to Sue and they have two sons Chris and Brad and also have two grandchildren. Gary and Sue love to travel so have taken many trips overseas, including to Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the Pacific Islands, as well as all around New Zealand. 
Gary joined his brother in his engineering business around 1975 and they did maintenance for commercial companies in South Auckland and also built for construction companies. They developed a disc brake system for CF Bedford Vans that were being used for St John Ambulances, which they later patented.  
Gary left the engineering business around 1980 and moved into the Motor Industry where he remained for over 20 years. During this time, he was fitting the disk brake conversions he and his brother had designed, to CF Bedford Ambulances and repowering them with V8 engines. He then went on to selling cars and worked his way up to Dealer Principal in the industry for approximately 20 years.
Gary joined Henderson Rotary in 2000.
Gary took a break in 2003 for a couple of years to travel with Sue but then she encouraged him back to work as he was getting under her feet. A good friend offered him a job with Power Solutions at NZ Generator Hire. The company grew substantially over the years and in 2011 was sold to Aggreko - a Scottish Generator Rental Company who at that time was the biggest in the world. NZ Generator Hire that Gary worked for, had the work for the 2011 Rugby World Cup and Aggreko wanted it. Gary retired in 2013 but was then head hunted by the owner of Generator Rental Services to help grow their business. He worked there for 6 years and Generator Rental Services is now the largest Generator Rental Company in New Zealand. 
Thanks for a great talk Gary. 
Just a reminder that there is no Rotary on Tuesday night - please see below. 
Meeting responsibilities  
Tuesday 19th
March 2024
No Meeting       
Thursday 21st March              
Tuesday 26th 
March 2024
Combined Service Clubs Social Twilight Bowls and Bar B Que
Ken Smith -
Rotary Foundation
Full Meal
  Reception NA            David Wheadon  
  Reception NA   Graham Motion  
  Club Host        
  Speaker        Intro NA   Krishna Narayanasami  
  Speaker        Thanks NA        Peter Vossen  
  Parting          Thought  NA   Sue Whiting  
     Top Table for 26th March- President Jane Belton, David Hulme,
                                             Ken Smith, Krishna Narayanasami 


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