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August is Membership and New Club Development Month
Aug. 01, 2024
September is Basic Education and Literacy Month
Sep. 01, 2024
October is Community Economic Development Month
Oct. 01, 2024
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Apologies and      Bookings             
To book dinner guests in or make an apology please call 083299789 before 9am Tuesday


 Members              Announcements   
A few things coming up to keep in mind:
  • Please, please remember to put your apologies in before 9am on a Rotary day, this includes non diners please. We are still having trouble with a lot of members not apologizing and just not showing up.
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  • Lions Fundraising Dinner
    Wednesday 12th June at 6pm at the Matamata Club.
    You will have already preregistered for this. 
    Payment of $27 to be made directly to the Matamata Lions Club Bank account ...03-0363-0015287-00 ...your name as reference.
    Thank you
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  • SAVE THE DATE                                  Matamata Rotary Changeover  Tuesday 25th June                               
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  • Lincoln Students will be coming our way again on the 26th and 27th August so please let Peter Vossen Know if you are able to help. A shunt sheet will be going around soon. 
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  • Rotary Friendship Exchange from Wisconsin. Billets will be required for the 16th, 17th & 18th November for members of a friendship exchange visiting from Wisconsin. If you would like to host someone, please get in touch with Wade. 
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  •    The lucky person to try and guess the Mystery Rotarian for the 4th June was Dave Johnson. 
    Clues for the mystery Rotarian, were as follows –
  • 1) I broke my collarbone in my school’s high jump final.
    2) I have had dinner with Richie McCaw.
    3) My family exported raspberries.
  •  Dave had to really think about this one. He first concentrated on the first clue and as it was talking about high jump, quickly ruled out President Jane and Leonie as they were lacking a little in the long legs department. He then looked at some of our taller members in Lyn, David G, Eric, Kevin and thought perhaps even Roisin?                                                              On to the second clue, and Dave decided that this could be anyone in the club...  attending a fundraiser or similar, so he was really clutching at straws.                                                                    When he thought about the third clue, his research showed that they export raspberries from Ireland, so he made the bold call and named Roisin McQuillan as the mystery Rotarian.                                                                                          Unfortunately he was wrong and the real mystery Rotarian turned out to be Miranda Thomson. That really was a tricky one!                
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  •  The lucky person to try and guess the next Mystery Rotarian with be Zanthe Kitney. 
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  • Sergeant David Gasquoine showing off his new Hi Vis Vest 
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  • Please see below a "heads up" for an event coming soon. More info to come. 
  •  Michelle Tanner is looking for interest to do a possible trip to Brisbane to our sister club Ballina on Richmond. Just trying to gauge interest at this time, so if you think you might be interested, please let Michelle know.  
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  • Just a note for everyone,  if you are listed on reception duty, please try and arrive early to help with setting up the table and signs etc. 
  • Please remember that you must ring the club answer phone and apologize or advise of extra guests before 9am on any meeting date, This includes non diners. Please stipulate the date you are apologizing for to avoid any confusion.  
Parting Thought       
Self belief and hard work will always earn you success.
Thank you Gary Moore.  😊
Hi everyone
What a fantastic week we have had with the privilege of having the Rotary World President come and visit us and open the dog park. I will have lots of photos and information on this in the next newsletter.   
 Our speakers last week were our two RYLA attendees Lianne Edwards-Maas and Alex Hoyt. These two young ladies spoke very highly of their RYLA experience and of what they gained from it. They thanked the Club for giving them the opportunity to go and both said that they would welcome the opportunity to encourage others to participate as well.  
Team building, having to get everyone in your team... who you have only just met, to be wearing the same colored clothes.
High Ropes!!! Not for the faint hearted
Their own Master Chef food competition.
Mucking in and getting some work done.
Lianne's worst nightmare - Caving, of which she was petrified, but did it. Well done ladies. 
Final presentation on the last day. 
Alex, President Jane and Lianne. 
Well done ladies, you are not only a credit to yourselves, but to our club as well in the effort you put in and the benefits you have taken from RYLA.
Message from incoming President Wade in regard to the Friendship Exchange from Wisconsin in November.                     
A little while ago I asked if members would like to host a guest from Wisconsin for the Rotary Friendship Exchange Program I am touching base to get names of members willing to host people on 16th,17th,18th November.
Please think about this and email me back, we are looking for 9 host families. (9 host families as we don't know if they are couples or single people, so we could end up only needing 6 host) There will be 12 guests.
I think this would be a great thing for the club to do as we can get to know other people. There will be activities planned through the day and you host them at night. (you may even be able to join in for the day activities?) 
16th Saturday 
17th Sunday
18th Monday
It doesn't land on a Rotary night but that's ok, we could do a potluck dinner one night, host cooks one night and go out for dinner another night. The organizers will try and match you up with guest of like.
They are wanting to know as soon as possible as they need to organize from there end.   
Your incoming president
Also, for our Changeover.... from Wade
Calling all spy and agents you have been called to Matamata Rotary change over dinner.
If you except this mission, Please RSVP, with numbers and any dietary requirements to my email address
Payment to Matamata Rotary (if you don't pay for a meal in your dues, you will need to pay the full $60.00) 
I will need all the RSVP by Tuesday 18 June.
PS Please don't Pay into the charity account.  
Don't forget it's not long till our changeover so please register. 
Meeting responsibilities  
Tuesday 11th June 2024
Full Meal
Tuesday 18th June 2024 
Starfish update Whitney Hennessey and Jo Macintosh
Community Night TBA 
  Reception David Parker            NA  
  Reception Janelle Burnside   NA  
  Club Host        
  Speaker        Intro
Murray Wills
  Speaker        Thanks Miranda Thomson        NA  
  Parting          Thought  Sue Whiting   NA  
     Top Table - President Jane Belton, Whitney Hennessey,
                        Jo Macintosh, David Hulme 


Rotary Matamata account numbers

Administration:   03-0363-0018584-000
Charitable Trust: 03-0363-0010566-000

Please ensure you include your NAME and WHAT the money is for as the reference.

Secretary: Beth Taylor 
Bulletin Editor: Sheryl Ertel