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February is Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Month
Feb. 01, 2024
March is Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Month
Feb. 01, 2024
March is Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Month
Feb. 01, 2024
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Apologies and      Bookings             
To book dinner guests in or make an apology please call 083299789 before 9am Tuesday


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A few things coming up to keep in mind:
  • Rotary Bar-b-que on 16th January 5.30pm
    At Wade & Brenda Linnells 18 Hampton Tce. RSVP to Wade by the 10th January.      
  • Please note in Wades email the list of things to bring. 
  • I hope you have all been nurturing your spuds over the holiday season as the weigh in is coming up very soon. Looking forward to seeing a few bumper crops. 
  • At the Christmas party, Zanthe introduced us to her Rotary sister Dania, who is currently living with her parents in Morrinsville. Hopefully we will see more of Dania throughout the coming year.                        
  • Was great to see Alice and baby Anders along to celebrate his first Christmas.
  • And Ashley and Ava had fun too. 
  • As for Brian and Gary, they both took great delight in receiving their gifts and they certainly looked the part. 😊
  • Checking each other out!
  • Loving their new look!
  • Well, lets all crack on and have a great year. Look forward to seeing you all soon. 
  • Just a note for everyone,  if you are listed on reception duty, please try and arrive early to help with setting up the table and signs etc. 
  • Please, please remember to put your apologies in before 9am on a Rotary day, this includes non diners please.
  • Please remember that you must ring the club answer phone and apologize or advise of extra guests before 9am on any meeting date. Please stipulate the date you are apologizing for to avoid any confusion.  
Parting Thought       
Life changes -
But my New Years wish for you remains the same -
I wish you happiness, good health and well-being
From the bottom of my heart
Happy 2024
From me to all of you😊
Hi everyone.
I hope you have all been enjoying a wonderful Christmas and New Years holiday. Don't know about you, but it seems to have gone mighty fast. It truly is a time of recharging ones batteries and reconnecting with family and friends. I hope you have all been able to enjoy the time and are looking forward to launching into a wonderful 2024 Rotary year. 
You would have all received an email from Vice President Wade Linnell, advising that our start-up Bar-B-Que will now be held at his house on the 16th January (next Tuesday), but he Urgently needs you to RSVP by the 10th, to him if you are coming as he needs to order the meat for the
bar-b-que. Please see the details below from Wade.
Hi All,
Hope you had a great Christmas and a happy new year.
Well, it's a new year and it is BBQ time, it was in the previous newsletter that it will be at Beth's house, but a change of plans, it will be at the Linnells. 
Address 18 Hampton Tce 
time 5.30 on Tuesday the 16th of Jan  
I will arrange the Meat and salads please bring chair, plates knives and forks etc.
Also, any drink you would like to drink and a dessert. 
we will be under the big tree. 
Please can you rsvp to wade at
no later than Wednesday the 10th of Jan, night so I can arrange the meat and salad.     
The end of the year is a manic time for me at work, so apologies for not getting the newsletter out in December. Please see below the message from President Jane and photos of our Christmas party at which everyone had a great time and loads of laughs. As always, David Hulme did a fantastic job of MCing the event. 
Message from Jane
Thanks everyone for all your support and great work this year.
We have achieved a lot and have promoted Rotary well.
Have a fabulous rest and enjoy the holidays, wherever in the world you will be as we have a few interesting projects to work on next year.
Remember ……. you’re a gift in my life and not the kind we would return for store credit………. 😊
Merry Christmas!
MC David Hulme
Santa enjoying his roll with Michelle, Zanthe & Jane
Ladies from Inner Wheel
Plenty of fun had by all
With lots of goodies from Secret Santa
Meeting responsibilities  
Tuesday 16th
January 2024  
Tuesday 23rd 
January 2024
Bar-b-que at Linnell's house @ 5.30 18 Hampton Terrace 
BYO chair, plates knives and forks etc.
Also, any drink you would like to drink and a dessert 
  Reception NA            TBC  
  Reception NA   TBC  
  Club Host        
  Speaker        Intro NA   TBC  
  Speaker        Thanks NA         TBC  
  Parting          Thought  NA   TBC  
     Top Table - NA


Rotary Matamata account numbers

Administration:   03-0363-0018584-000
Charitable Trust: 03-0363-0010566-000

Please ensure you include your NAME and WHAT the money is for as the reference.

Secretary: Beth Taylor 
Bulletin Editor: Sheryl Ertel