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April is Maternal and Child Health Month
Apr. 01, 2024
Young Persons Meet and Greet
Rawhiti Lounge, The Matamata Club
Apr. 09, 2024
5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
May is Youth Service Month
May 01, 2024
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Apologies and      Bookings             
To book dinner guests in or make an apology please call 083299789 before 9am Tuesday


 Members              Announcements   
A few things coming up to keep in mind:
  • Please, please remember to put your apologies in before 9am on a Rotary day, this includes non diners please. We are still having trouble with a lot of members not apologising and just not showing up. 
  • From the Rotary Foundation Committee - some more food for thought                                      
    District 9930 Foundation Chair Ken Smith is our Club Guest Speaker Tuesday 26th March 2024.
    As a committee following on to that in April, we will promote Member Foundation giving that currently has personal tax deductability. Many members already are annual donors, of the several categories of giving to choose from.
    A special acheivement our Club should consider, is to increase our club’s ability to do good in the world by becoming a Rotary’s Promise Club. 
    When you give to The Rotary Foundation, you are directly supporting Rotary’s work. Our gift enables our Service Projects to undertake projects that eradicate polio, promote peace, and develop communities — and make it happen.
  •  A big shout out reminder that it is our District 9930 Conference 17th -19th May this year.... right on our doorstep in Cambridge, so let's see if we can all go along and reap the benefits of a fantastic conference. You will all have received an email from our District Governor Bill Robinson outlining the details of the conference, so get your early-bird registration in now. Please get in touch with David Hulme if you are interested in going - even if you haven't decided for sure as yet, as he is trying to gage numbers.
  • Please see below a "heads up" for an event coming soon. More info to come. 
  •  Michelle Tanner is looking for interest to do a possible trip to Brisbane to our sister club Ballina on Richmond. Just trying to gauge interest at this time, so if you think you might be interested, please let Michelle know.        
  • Just a note for everyone,  if you are listed on reception duty, please try and arrive early to help with setting up the table and signs etc. 
  • Please, please remember to put your apologies in before 9am on a Rotary day, this includes non diners please.
  • Please remember that you must ring the club answer phone and apologize or advise of extra guests before 9am on any meeting date. Please stipulate the date you are apologizing for to avoid any confusion.  
The lucky person to try and guess the Mystery Rotarian this week is Kevin Sing. 
Clues for the mystery Rotarian, are as follows –
1/ I once ironed a shirt with my feet
2/ My first car was rather wobbly
3/ I used to dream about becoming a body builder by using a piece of rope
Good luck with these clues Kevin. Sounds pretty tricky to me. 
Parting Thought       
Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world.
But Rotarians don't have that problem 😊
This ones from me  😊
I did notice while going through the photos from Hobbiton, one particular Rotarian who kept popping up all over the place. Not only was she part of the Registration admin team,
but then there was Maz the photographer....
Maz the toilet director
Maz the hobbit with Julie
and Maz the Hobbit grabbing a quick cider before home time. 
I get the feeling that Maz quite enjoyed herself 😊
Might have some more photos next week, hopefully of some of the helpers at the drink stations.  
Hi everyone.
On Thursday 21st March we replaced our Tuesday meeting with a Combined Service Clubs social event with Hinuera Te Poi Lions, Matamata Lions and Matamata Kiwanis. Previously an annual event, this was the first one since COVID. 
The weather was kind to us and the atmosphere congenial. With lots of cheers and hand signaling across the green, there was obviously some serious competition 🤣. A great BBQ rounded off the evening.
A huge thanks to Henry de Haas from Hinuera Te Poi Lions for his organisation.
Some great style shown here by David Hulme
And maybe not so much here from Wade Linnell
We welcomed Julia Goodyear-Smyth an English Rotarian and professional Environmentalist/Adventurer/Writer/Speaker who joined us for the evening. Julia, from the RC Llanelli in South Wales, would have been a great speaker had she been there any other week! She and her Rotarian husband are in NZ for five months. They are members of the International Travel and Hosting Fellowship and have connected with many Rotarians across Aotearoa. She is in Matamata for the Hobbiton Halfling Marathon so Rotarians may see her at the weekend!
Julia Goodyear-Smyth with a bit of international flair, showing the locals how it's done. 
Hobbiton Halfling Marathon
The other exciting event that our club members volunteered for, was helping out with the Hobbiton Hafling Marathon on Saturday. After a week of beautiful weather, Saturday saw the heavens open and deliver a day of rain, but that did not dampen the spirits on the 1500 participants who had entered, or the spirits of our enthusiastic volunteers. 
A massive thankyou to the 37 volunteers we put forward, made up of our members and some partners, 2 from Morrinsville Rotary club and other helpers that Rotarians brought along. We had helpers everywhere, from the Registration Desk, to the Green Dragon and the many drink stations. It ease very easy to spot our fluro vests and a great way to promote Rotary. A fantastic job done by all. 
The Admin girls all geared up and ready to go at 8.30am
How's that for advertising?
The team at the Green Dragon
Great to see our visiting Rotarian Julia Goodyear-Smyth had time to stop on her adventure to have her photo taken with Hobbit David Hulme and Gandalf (aka Murray Wills)
Maz and David daring to get up close with the Orcs
Julie up close with Gandalf (Murray)
Job looks like he is taking his job very seriously
Ross making sure that the participants could grab a treat on their way through
Some happy Hobbits, Brian, Maz and Job
Fantastic effort by everyone involved. 
Meeting responsibilities  
Tuesday 26th
March 2024
Tuesday 2nd April 2020 
Ken Smith -
Rotary Foundation
Full meal
Club Night
Committee Meetings
Finger food
  Reception David Wheadon            Job Bruins  
  Reception Graham Motion   Robbie Pearson  
  Club Host        
  Speaker        Intro Krishna Narayanasami   NA  
  Speaker        Thanks Peter Vossen        NA  
  Parting          Thought  Sue Whiting   Mike Farrell  
     Top Table for 26th March- President Jane Belton, David Hulme,
                                             Ken Smith, Krishna Narayanasami 


Rotary Matamata account numbers

Administration:   03-0363-0018584-000
Charitable Trust: 03-0363-0010566-000

Please ensure you include your NAME and WHAT the money is for as the reference.

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